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Why order online?

Lenders, mortgage brokers and others can now order appraisal reports online from our website. What are the advantages of online ordering?

  • It saves time. No more playing phone tag. When you order online, you  can check the status updates on the order whenever you want, 24/7

  • We communicate with one another better. When you order online, you get an instant e-mail verification that your order was received. Whenever an appointment has been set or  inspection complete, etc you are updated via our website and you can know up to the minute what is happening with your request.

  • You get your report quickly, and securely. When the report is complete, we send you an e-mail with secure technology. We send you an automated e-mail that tells you the report is complete, and gives you a hyperlink to click through to download your report. Making sure you're connected to the Internet, you simply click on the link and your report is delivered right to your PC.

No more wondering if the order got through. No more wondering if the appointment has been set, or the inspection completed. No more wondering where your report is! These are all advantages of ordering your reports online. To take advantage, just click on the "order an appraisal" hyperlink on our navigation menu!