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Real Estate Consulting 

AB Appraisal Services, Inc. provides a real estate consultation service to assist clients make informed decisions about their real estate transactions. We will help you to make strategic financial real estate decisions. When dealing with property values a client may need to explore information about a property before proceeding with the purchase, renovation or selling process.

Buying, selling or renovating a home can be a difficult experience, and it's easy to get caught up in the excitement. The real estate appraiser will help bring objectivity to your real estate decisions.

People do overpay for homes - we see it all the time. People do over invest in renovations on their homes. People do undersell their homes.

  • To renovate or to move?

  • Pre-purchase appraisal? 

  • Pre-listing appraisal? 

  • How much is my house really worth? 

  • Do I want to make a strategic real estate decision? 

  • How can I increase the value of my home? 

  • Do I really want to invest in real estate and how much should I pay? 

A professional real estate appraiser can help you with your real estate decisions and save you money.

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