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Our Technology

Our technically advanced appraisal office

Appraisers are one of the most technical fields in the real estate world. The appraisal process is one that lends itself to technology and technology has paid significant dividends to those appraisers who have invested in it. These dividends are shared with the appraiser's clients, in the form of turn-around times and a professional appraisal reports.

Our electronic ordering system

Our technology and website allows our clients to order appraisals on-line saving, therefore, valuable time off the process of ordering appraisals.You will receive notification that your order has been received and you will be able to track the process of your order. This provides efficient service and less disruption for both the client and the appraiser. 

Our report delivery

Utilizing Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) files, we will deliver a complete, multi-page report, complete with digital photos and maps, through simple e-mail. Without using paper, and protecting the environment, the report can be delivered to the appropriate client immediately.

Our digital workfiles

We keep an electronic copy of all reports for a minimum of 7 years allowing us to recall any appraisal at any time.
Our office uses technology that stores a digital work file for all appraisals and these files are backup and stored nightly by our IT company.